DXCC Card Checking

DXCC Card Checking

Robert Wood, W5AJ, will be available to check your QSL cards for new DXCC applications or endorsements.  Please email Robert in advance to set up a time to check your cards.

Please note the requirements below:

Go to the ARRL Online DXCC Application page and complete the application.  Bring the completed application along with your cards to be checked.

The applicant and DXCC Card Checker must sign the application form.

Only eligible cards can be checked by DXCC Card Checkers. An application for a new award may contain any number of QSL confirmations from the list and shall not contain any QSLs that are not eligible for this program. The application may contain any number of cards, subject to eligibility requirements and fees as determined by Section I, Basic Rules of the DXCC rules.

The applicant must provide a stamped no. 10 envelope (business size) addressed to ARRL HQ to the DXCC Card Checker. The applicant must also provide the applicable fees (check or money order payable to ARRL-no cash, credit card number and expiration date is also acceptable).