VE Testing

VE Testing

The MIDLAND VE TEAM will administer amateur radio exams (all classes) on Saturday, March 16 at TBD.

Please bring YOUR CURRENT, ORIGINAL, SIGNED LICENSE (if you have one) plus a photocopy and the original of any CERTIFICATE OF SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of EXAMINATION (CSCE) that you plan to use for element or upgrade credit plus a photocopy.

You MUST bring a photo ID. If no photo ID is available, bring any two of the following items:

  • Non-photo ID/driver’s License.
  • Birth certificate (must have appropriate seal).
  • Minor’s work permit or school report card.
  • Utility bill, bank statement, or other correspondence that specifically names the person.

PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE of $15.00 (subject to change) for all examinations.

Bring BLUE OR BLACK INK PENS, PENCILS, and if necessary, a calculator with CLEARED memory.

Do not bring a completed FCC form 605, as they will be provided at the exam session, and must be signed at the session.