Vendor Highlights

Roger Howell from San Angelo will have 150+ vintage NOS potentiometers and vacuum tubes at table numbers 22 & 23.

Don Sands, W5DYV, from Rosenburg will supply all kinds of parts from vacuum tubes, coaxial connectors, tube sockets, coaxial cables, insulators, test equipment, microwave oscillators, FT243 crystals, coils, variable capacitors and high voltage mica capacitors. Don will be at table numbers 36 through 40 and 45.

Pete Spotts, NM5PS, will be promoting the Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest and Convention / ARRL New Mexico State Convention, which runs Sept. 20-22 at the Isleta Resort and Casino’s convention facilities just south of Albuquerque. We’ll be handing out fliers, offering a sign-up sheet for folks who would like to be added our mailing list, and (assuming a long extension cord), we’ll be able to register people on the spot via a laptop. mobile hotspot, and our website’s on-line registration form. Pete will be at table number 50.

Among other things, Steve Hopkins, K5RS, will have a nice, working, Heathkit DX-60 with 2 xtals, 75 watts out. Also, Cantenna dummy load oil in a one gallon bucket. Steve will be at table number 18.

Pete Stull, WB7AMP, will have a Ten Tec Paragon with PS, Ten Tec Century 21, Ten Tec 540 Triton, 2 x Ten Tec 580 Deltas, Ten Tec Omni-D, PS for Triton, Dentron @ KW 3000 antenna tuner, 2 x Kenwood TS520 one with remote VFO, Yaesu FT901DM, Yaesu 301S, Yaesu 301D with speaker power supply, antenna tuner, monitor scope, Icom 211 all mode 2 meter transceiver with mic. Pete will be at tables numbers 8 and 9.

Allen K5ABL and Mary N6OJE will be back again this year with a variety of items including test equipment, electronic components, 3D printed straight keys, micro-controller development boards and more.

Also featured will be some new kits and projects including a 160m-6m QRP tuner kit and directional coupler as seen on Ham Nation. You can find us in the back corner at tables 41-43.

We will also have a 110VAC power strip and 12V Power supply available if you need a place to power up that newfound treasure before you buy it.

If you’ve rented a table and would like to be included on this page please send an email to You may include one picture.